Spring brings all sorts of new ideas, activities, loved ones, and friends. Situations seem to be thrown at you from many different directions, and you have to learn to cope with what comes your way. Friend, I know. I understand. It gets hard sometimes. A good friend encouraged me once by telling me that it’s the Christian life. It’s a constant up and down; a constant battle. But when the going gets tough, please remember that there is a man who has been through every single kind of trial in life. He’s been mocked, had hair pulled out of his face, been spit at, had a close friend betray him, and been tempted just like we are. His name is Christ Jesus, and you can count on him to be there and listen to you at any time. I don’t know how unbelievers go through life without being able to talk to a close friend who understands them completely. Christ will never break what has already been bruised.


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